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Yvonne Cox

medical assistant program graduateFor the past six years, Yvonne Cox was employed as a nanny. “Providing guidance and love to a child is very rewarding. Helping people is one of my greatest passions. I enjoy taking care of people who are sick or are in need of help,” she said.

            Although Yvonne was fond of her job, she wanted more responsibility. “I wanted to have a brighter future for myself and be a more independent woman. I knew the only way that I would be able to achieve this goal was to further my education,” Yvonne Cox explained.
            Harris School of Business in Upper Darby, PA came highly recommended to her from a former student, so she enrolled in the Medical Assistant program. Yvonne stated, “I was very impressed with the knowledge and support I received from the Harris staff after I enrolled.”
            Yvonne did very well in her program and was hired to look after and monitor an infant in need of medical care at a family’s home. The baby is a 17 week old preemie who suffers from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a potentially serious disorder in which breathing is interrupted repeatedly during sleep. 
            “The Harris School provided me with the skills needed to take care of this child and to take the necessary actions in the case of an emergency. I’m able to take the baby’s vital signs and heartbeat, perform CPR/first aide and communicate clearly to doctors if need be,” Yvonne expressed. 
            She also knows how to operate a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine, which the baby needs. A CPAP machine keeps one's airway open by blowing air into the nose via a mask during sleep. Yvonne learned how to use this machine while on her externship site at a local hospital and gained real world experience even before she graduated!
            Yvonne added, “Knowledge is power and now there are more opportunities available to me. It does not matter how old you are. Once your mind is made up, anything is possible. You just have to be determined and believe in yourself.”



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