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Valerie Watts

Formerly a bank teller, Valerie Watts enrolled at Branford Hall Career Institute in Branford, CT to pursue a career as a Medical Assistant. 

Valerie remembers the process of choosing the right program. "I wanted a chance to help make a difference in someone's life. I also want to be able to care for my mother as she ages. I felt that becoming a medical assistant was the perfect way - and since it is one of the fastest growing occupations, it was a great choice!"

Valerie was worried she would not be able to keep up with her studies. However, her determination guided her to success. Virginia Robey, Director of Career Services at Branford Hall, shares, "Valerie was an eager and inquisitive student who always came prepared for class. With her natural gentle nature and ability to relax tense patients, I knew she would do extremely well in the health care field." 

Valerie is now employed with a "wonderful" medical office and believes her school experience was well worth the effort. "The faculty and staff at Branford Hall made my stay special and they were easy to communicate with. Going back to school has made me feel more successful and very confident with my future!"Branford Hall



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