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Tonisha Gonzalez

Working part-time at Wal-Mart was not meeting Tonisha Gonzalez and her daughter’s needs in life. “I was struggling financially and felt like I was going nowhere,” she explained. “I needed to have a better paying job so my family and I could live comfortably.” 

Tonisha was always interested in law and wanted to work in an office environment, so she chose to enroll into the Paralegal program at Branford Hall Career Institute in Southington, CT.

Prior to enrolling, Tonisha was concerned she would struggle in an academic environment since she had been away from school for some time. But she found no difficulty once school started. “The faculty and other students were very welcoming. The teachers took their time making sure I understood what was being taught and made all efforts at keeping me focused and interested,” Tonisha shares.

After graduation, Tonisha was hired as a paralegal at The Law Office of Peter Upton & Associates, LLC and recently was given a salary promotion! She assists with Worker’s Compensation, Criminal, Social Security, and Personal Injury cases.

“Deciding to go to Branford Hall has benefited my life! No more job to job. All the worries I used to have are gone. I became a more responsible woman and mother. I make better decisions and have a more positive attitude. I also became a great worker and walk with my head held high!” Tonisha expresses.

Branford Hall gave Tonisha the right skills she needed to succeed, not only in her paralegal career, but in life as well.Branford Hall



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