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Taylor Pilewski and James Clarke

Taylor Pilewski isn't sure where he'd be without Branford Hall. For most of his high school years he thought that 'waking up to go to a job you love' was a far fetched dream. He says Branford Hall's Computer & Networking Technology Program helped make that dream a reality. "It's changed my life." Taylor said, "It's a decision that helped me get my career future on track."

Taylor tells us he toured other schools but felt most welcome at Southington's Branford Hall. "The staff was very hospitable and friendly. I also liked how the classes focused on the students as individuals rather than the class as a whole." The instructors also impressed him, "Every teacher had a strong desire to share knowledge, and I find this is what motivated me most."

Taylor is now confident that his abilities will be stronger than the next person’s. Perhaps that is why his externship turned into a full-time job. "I'm what employers are looking for. I have the knowledge and skill-set they seek in candidates for job openings".

His externship site, the BAE Systems office in Cheshire Connecticut, is no stranger to Branford Hall. In fact, currently all four of their Help Desk Technicians are Branford Hall graduates. Taylor, along with James Clarke, Philip Munson, and Nicholas Lauer all chose to get their careers in motion with Branford Hall.!Branford Hall



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