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Tara Reyno

Tara Reyno had an inconsistent work schedule and pay while working in retail. “It was tough because there were weeks where business was slow and my hours would be cut. Then there were times I was busy and I made overtime. I never knew how much money I was going to be bringing in or what hours I would be working. It all made it very difficult to balance my family life too,” Tara described.

Being pregnant with her second child, Tara knew she needed a lifestyle change. “I needed to find a job that would offer regular office hours and good pay. I wanted to provide for my family financially as well as be there to spend time with them,” Tara stated.

Tara decided to look into a career in healthcare. Tara said, “A position as a Health Claims Specialist is a very dependable career with opportunity to move up. I had been looking at other schools that offer healthcare programs, but their programs were for two years or more and the hours were not regular. My friend referred me to Seacoast Career School in Manchester, NH and after I took the tour, I thought the campus was very nice and everyone was pleasant. When I found out their full time Health Claims Specialist program was only nine months, I enrolled immediately!”

Her experience at school was very welcoming. “The students were all down to earth. No one judged each other. We all would help each other out and there was a strong feeling of support all around,” Tara described. Tara was an excellent student and was even asked to give a speech at her commencement ceremony about her successful journey. 

Just days after graduation, Tara was hired as an Accounts Receivable Specialist for Easter Seals. She now has a set schedule with good pay and benefits. 

“I feel as though I now have job security and less stress in my life. Going back to school has opened new doors for me,” Tara stated. “Enrolling at Seacoast Career School is a fast and effective way to get anyone into the booming healthcare field.”Seacoast Career Schools



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