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Suzanne Kuhn

medical assistant program graduate

After feeling very dissatisfied with her life for quite some time, Suzanne Kuhn decided to make a change. “I worked at various office jobs, but never felt like they were going anywhere.  I felt like something was missing in my life. I was just going through the motions of each day…kind of stuck in a rut,” Suzanne expressed.
                She wanted a career that she could feel good about and would love doing every day. Suzanne decided to combine her two passions - being around others and helping people - and enrolled in the Medical Assistant program at Harris School of Business in Stratford, NJ.
                Suzanne did extremely well in the program. She said, “I received my first honor roll ever after the first module which was Medical Office Simulation Software. I proved to myself that I could really do this!”
                With the help of the Career Services staff at Harris, Suzanne is now working as a Certified Medical Assistant for Family Practitioner Dr. David Neidorf in Lindenwold, NJ. “I love every moment and this is a dream come true for me. I am utilizing everything I learned at the Harris School. I "room" patients which consists of taking their vitals, reviewing medications and checking patient’s Electronic Medical records for test results. I administer injections, EKG’s and take care of lab work. I also refill prescriptions and schedule appointments,” Suzanne explained.
                Dr. Neidor stated, “Suzanne is a hard working, dedicated employee who came to me extremely well trained and knowledgeable of what the Medical Assistant job entails. Her motivation level is outstanding.”
                Suzanne would like to thank the faculty and staff who were always there to help and do whatever they could to make her feel confident and comfortable. Suzanne shared, “Because of Harris, I am now able to offer my family financial support alongside the emotional support. I feel satisfied with all aspects of my life. My experience at Harris has given my life more meaning and a purpose. ”

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