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Susan Jones

The last several years as the Director of Human Resources and Assistant Director of Operations of a limousine company were not satisfying for Susan Jones. "I was no longer enjoying the corporate world. I was coming home several days a week either crying or with a headache. I did not deserve to go through this, nor did my children. I am the sole parent in our household. My girls needed someone whom they could continue to look up to and admire rather than feel sorry for," Susan explained.

Susan felt that she needed to start a career in a more relaxed and holistic atmosphere. After seeing a television commercial about the Harris School of Business' Massage Therapy program in Linwood, NJ, she scheduled an appointment with an Admissions Representative to learn more. Susan expressed, "I had looked at two other schools prior, but they didn't quite fit. As soon as I arrived at Harris, it simply felt right. There was no doubt in my mind that I was at the right place."
Susan had a wonderful experience at Harris. "It was a pleasurable experience from beginning to end. The entire staff was professional, helpful, and dedicated to making Harris the best possible learning environment filled with positive mindsets.”
After finishing the massage therapy program, Susan decided to start her own business, Peace of Mind, Inc. "Owning my own business allows me to continue doing business when and where I choose. My schedule is flexible and I am able to keep my income at a very comfortable level while not missing any of my children's functions or vacations that we plan," Susan said.
Susan added, "Without a doubt, the education I received was top notch. With my new career, I am much more relaxed and at peace with myself. Quite frankly, going to Harris School of Business to become a Massage Therapist was the single best decision that I have made in my entire life. In addition to the education, I have matured and grown in ways that one can only gain from an environment such as Harris’."


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