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Sue Price

When Sue Price's job was eliminated, she knew it was time for a change. "I had been considering taking some classes and when I was laid off, it gave me the opportunity to go to school."

With some background working in registration at a local hospital office, she saw the need for experienced Medical Billers and Coders and decided to enroll in a program at The Salter School in Tewksbury. Although she was concerned with going back to school, after successfully passing the first test of each class, Sue said she "felt ready to dig in and enjoy" the experience.

The experience proved rewarding. Sue found a camaraderie with new friends and enjoyed a positive learning experience due to "instructors who were there for the students in so many ways." 

In addition to the personal benefits, Sue believes her choice to return to school has broadened her career choices for the long run. "Being laid off is no fun, but now I feel I'll be better prepared in the event I need to search for a new job." For now she's confident the future will prove more promising, "I'm working in a field where continuing experience can only lead to a rewarding career with a salary range to strive for." 

Currently Sue is working two jobs - by day, she is a Coder for Emergency Department doctors where she is finding her skills are growing beyond coding to include all aspects of the office. By evening, Sue works part-time at The Salter School of Tewksbury as a Financial Aid Advisor.

Since she was laid off, Sue's quality of life has improved dramatically as a result of her training with The Salter School. "I am working at two jobs I really enjoy. I attended a school where I received a great education from many, many talented and caring instructors. I made some lifetime friendships and I have received the love, support, and respect from my children, husband, and family. These new jobs are giving me the experience to go in so many more directions. I feel I truly have choices." PEG is proud of Sue’s success and glad to have her as a part of our team at the Tewksbury Salter School.The Salter School



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