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Sal Morando

MiChje Black, the Career Services Director at the Salter School in Malden, MA, remembers her first interview with Sal Morando. "Sal came to the interview with his friend, Steve. I gave them some paperwork to complete and Steve explained the forms to Sal while sharing with me that Sal was blind. I was shocked - Sal moved around as if he had perfect vision!" 

As MiChje spoke with Sal about his career goals, she learned he wanted to be a healer as a Massage Therapist. After graduating, Sal and MiChje organized job interviews according to his transportation needs with the MBTA. MiChje remembers, “The day of Sal’s first interview he was cool headed and anticipated every question, especially the ones pertaining to his disability. He explained his situation with dignity.” 

A few weeks later, the school hosted a career fair and invited Sal to be a guest speaker. A licensed Cosmetologist attended the fair and after Sal’s speech, invited him to interview for a position at her salon. After their appointment, Sal was hired, illustrating that "with the faith of a mustard seed we can accomplish our heart’s deepest desire."The Salter School



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