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Ryan Chung

Hands-On Experience
By Ryan Chung

Hi, my name is Ryan Chung and I was a Computer Information Technology student at Branford Hall Career Institute in Windsor, CT. I am quite content with my decision to attend Branford Hall and I am honored to share my story.

Before Branford Hall, I earned a bachelor's degree in finance. I did not enjoy the financial field and each job left me feeling dissatisfied. I woke up most mornings dreading to go to work.

I always had an interest in computers. Computers were not foreign to me, seeing that I was exposed to them at an earlier age. I asked a gentleman already working in the CIT field what I had to do in order to get started on my new career and he suggested that I get certifications. After careful research on which school I should go to, I called Branford Hall and enrolled!

Attending Branford Hall was the first time I have ever loved being in school. I must give credit to the great teachers I had. The instructors were always pushing for the certifications and they taught us how to actually do the job hands on. I want to say thanks to Dave Cushman, Mike Mercier, Richard Young, and Eric Buhrendorf for helping me fuel the fire to my cause. They aren't just good teachers, they are my friends as well.

Upon graduation, I acquired a job at Saint Francis Hospital as a break/fix technician where I help individuals throughout the building and offsite with any PC-related issues they have. The issues aren't limited to just computers. I am exposed to a multitude of issues including blackberries, printers, projectors, monitors, applications, etc…

Branford Hall delivered the hands-on experience needed to prepare me for the real world. I can say that the quality of my life has improved and I'm finally doing something I enjoy. Branford Hall



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