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Roxana Lashway

massage therapist program graduate, become a massage therapist Springfield MARoxana Lashway had to work long hours in a factory when her husband injured his back. “Temperatures in the building were around 100 degrees and sometimes it involved heavy lifting,” she said.

            When her husband recovered and went back to his job, Roxana was able to leave the factory, but the realization of her limited career options set in. “If my husband gets reinjured or when my kids start school, I would be stuck working long hours in a factory again. I decided to look for something that I would enjoy doing as a career,” Roxana stated.
            Roxana chose to enroll in Branford Hall Career Institute’s Massage Therapy program in Springfield, MA after reading articles about how massage could be a form of treatment for some medical conditions her children have, as well as help her husband with his back issue.      
            “My daughter was diagnosed with ITP, a condition of having a low platelet count and my son has Eczema, an allergic condition that affects the skin. I read how the benefits of massage could help them and I knew it was what I wanted to do," Roxana explained. “I also read how massage therapy could help my husband who has two herniated disks in his lower back.”
            Roxana had some concerns about being back in the school environment but they were quickly alleviated. She said, “The teachers and small class sizes were what made me feel comfortable. You could tell that the instructors and staff had your best interest in mind.”
            Since graduating, Roxana is a Licensed Massage Therapist at two well known local massage businesses in Massachusetts: Elements Therapeutic Touch in East Longmeadow and Deep Muscle Therapy Center in Ludlow.

           “Going to Branford Hall was the best decision I made. I now have a career that is both spiritually and financially rewarding. I’m able to help provide for my family and still have a flexible schedule to spend time with them. My daughter’s platelet counts are improving more than ever, my son’s skin is great and my husband’s back hasn’t given him any more issues.  I feel accomplished and empowered to give my family the best I can. This is truly a dream come true.”

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