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Ronnie Williams

Hello my name is Ronnie Williams. I'm a recent graduate of the Culinary Arts program at Branford Hall Career Institute in Springfield, MA. My interest in cooking goes back to when I was a little kid watching Julia Child on television. That's when I got hooked with the bug of cooking. 

Because I'm a veteran, I entered a voc-rehab program that the VA offered where I had a choice of schools to attend to begin a new career. Before this time, the only reason I was working was to pay the bills and I wasn't happy. My heart has always been in cooking so when I had the opportunity to come to Branford Hall, I jumped on it. 

From day one the school impressed me. It was like everybody was a family - from the administration to the instructors - even to the maintenance staff. I never went to a place where people are so glad to see you. Some places it's easy to just be another number and I'm glad Branford Hall didn't treat me like that. 

Branford Hall gave me all the tools, support and equipment I needed to start on my quest and I'm thankful to them for that. The instructors have such a good knowledge and love for the field. I feel by going to Branford Hall, and not going to one of the big culinary schools, I was able to get more one on one with the chefs. They were able to sit down and show me each step and watch me go through the process myself. 

This experience has taught me that if you know your passion, do it! I don't care what the naysayers say. I'm 46 years old and I always wanted to do this. I wish I had done it when I got out of the military 19 years ago. 

I’m presently working at Reed’s Landing in Springfield, MA, a retirement community. I’m learning something new everyday from the executive chef, the food director, and two sous chefs. After a few weeks, I was given more responsibilites and have enjoyed learning how to make food for the residents. My work at Reed’s is so rewarding! I don't look at working as work. I look at it as having fun. I have fun every day becuase I love what I do!

Thank you all for making my experiencememorable, joyful and happy. But most of all, I'd like to say thank for just being friends!Branford Hall



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