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Richard Porter, Jr

“I always wanted to get into the Medical Billing field", Richard Porter, Jr. expresses.

Rich was unhappy with his job where there was no room for advancement. One evening, Rich spent a great deal of time exploring ways he could train to be become a Medical Biller. Rich became extremely discouraged and depressed when the schools he investigated offered lengthy and expensive programs, until he came upon information about Branford Hall Career Institute in Bohemia , NY.

The very next day, Rich meet with an Admissions Representative at Branford Hall to discuss the schedule and financial aid options that were right for him. "I enrolled into the Medical Biller program that day and haven’t looked back since", Rich states. 

Rich excelled in his classes, graduating with a 4.0 GPA! "My teachers took great interest not only in me, but in the entire class. I was able to reach my full potential.”

Soon after graduating, Rich was hired as a Pharmacy Biller at Shore Pharmaceutical Providers. Just recently, he was promoted to a higher position as a Facility Biller, which entails more responsibility at a higher salary. "Attending Branford Hall has changed my life. I now make more money and I can enjoy the many things in life that I couldn't before like going on vacations!” Rich explains.

Branford Hall Career Institute provided Richard with the tools to succeed in his career choice. He wants others to know, "If you are unhappy with your job and need to take a new direction, Branford Hall can help you. Let your mind lead the way to a much better and totally fulfilled life."Branford Hall



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