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Rebecca Dippner

Rebecca Dippner came to the Harris School of Business after she withdrew from college her freshman year to give birth to her daughter, Jasmine. "When I gave birth two months after my nineteenth birthday my life changed forever. It was definitely unexpected but was the best thing that ever happened to me." 

Without financial support, Rebecca applied for assistance and an apartment through HUD. Her caseworker told her about a program called REACH which paid for young mothers to attend school while receiving day care. Rebecca enrolled in the Legal Office Administration program at the Harris School of Business of Cherry Hill, NJ. Following graduation, the school placed Rebecca in a position with a law firm where she continued to work as a paralegal and office manager while attending college in the evenings. 

Rebecca recently graduated from law school and plans to work as a trial attorney after she passes the bar exam. She is a terrific example of someone who made the most of her education with the Harris School of Business!Harris School of Business



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