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Michael Spencer

Look at me Now!
By Michael Spencer

In 1995, I enrolled at the Harris School of Business in Cherry Hill, NJ to acquire knowledge in accounting and to learn computer skills. Computers were now a major part of life and I knew nothing about them, or accounting for that fact. Up to this point, I had never even turned on a computer. I had never even written a check. I was a dinosaur in my skills. As if this weren’t enough, I did not have the typical professional look of an accountant. I had hair past my waist and when I walked down the streets, people avoided me.

During my six months at Harris, they taught me everything. They explained debits & credits. They taught me computer skills, typing, filing, how businesses function, payroll & tax skills, how to conduct your self in the workplace, and most importantly, how to get a job. We even had a mock interview process. I learned so much at Harris. The teachers were professional & knowledgeable. 

Upon graduation, I looked like and was a professional. I was successful at my first interview & acquired a position with a non-profit agency as a Jr. Accountant. The agency knew of Harris’ high standards and reputation. Within 3 months, I was a Staff Accountant, just like everyone else in the office. I had a six month education from Harris and the other Accountants in the office had either an Associates or Bachelors Degree. I was rendering almost the same take home pay as them all within a few months. Harris taught me well. I did all my homework and took this opportunity seriously. Harris School and their staff gave me the tools to change my life and I did. They taught me there is only a small difference in the efforts of achieving greatness & mediocrity. Why not take the extra step & set the standard? I did and my efforts were noticed & rewarded. My achievements were also noticed by my step-daughter, Gina Lynn, who followed in my footsteps & enrolled at Harris, graduated, and became successful earning about $60,000. 

In 1999, I found a different job which offered more opportunity to advance and better benefits at South Jersey Port Corporation, where I am gainfully employed today. I started as an assistant to the Warehouse Office Manager. After two years, my talents were noticed when a position opened in the accounting department.

While working, I went on to obtain my bachelor’s degree in 2001 and had the amazing opportunity to visit South Africa, where a group of us developed a business plan for a small minority owned business. 

I was promoted at work as Senior Accounting Clerk, was promoted again to Staff Accountant, and in 2005 was given the title of Senior Accountant. I am second in charge in an office of six. I make GOOD money and I love what I do. I will sit for the C.P.A. exam in 2008 and attain either a law degree or my Master’s beginning 2009

When I enrolled at Harris, I rented a house & owned virtually nothing. Today, I own 2 homes, new vehicles, and oh yes, a Harley Davidson – something I could never afford before. 

If not for Harris School of Business, none of this would have been possible. Harris gave me the foundation on which to build a solid career & an enjoyable lifestyle. My wife & I vacation often & partake in some of the finer things in life, thanks to Harris.

If you are currently a student at P.E.G.ASUS, grab hold of this chance of a lifetime & become the person you want to be. Listen to the instructors, do your homework, and make your life better. You can leave this opportunity & return to a life of mediocrity, or you can ride it for all it’s worth. You’ll be surprised just how talented you will be after graduation. Your skills will shine in the workplace and you will be noticed. Harris is the beginning – the rest is up to you.Harris School of Business



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