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Michael Norton

Getting to know a wide range of wonderful people is one of the greatest things about being part of our community of students and staff members. Members of Branford Hall’s Branford campus came to know one such individual-Michael Norton, a recent graduate of the Computer and Networking Administration program.

A resident of Hamden, CT., Michael is fortunate to have traveled to almost every corner of the world. In his youth, he toured with the Long Island Youth Orchestra. Their travels brought them to the South Pacific, China, Japan, Pakistan, India, Egypt, and Scandinavia.

When Michael first contacted Branford Hall, he explained that since graduating from Yale with a degree in political science, he had spent several years struggling with health problems while his career lacked the direction he was looking for. “While working principally in the customer service field, I recognized that everyone was relying more and more upon computers. I knew I had to upgrade my computer knowledge base in order to jumpstart my career.”

“That is when Branford Hall came in at an important juncture of my life. Branford Hall’s program was just the event that appealed to my desire to improve myself. Within an eleven month period, I was able to cover enough material in the IT field to be qualified for a lucrative and highly innovative position in computer repair, networking (my field of choice), or web design. I found myself completely satisfied with the curriculum before me.”

Michael really immersed himself in the program and became a great student and good friend to many of the students and staff members. He had only basic computer skills when he started the program and was determined to get as much as he could out of his classes, “The instructors and staff were more than encouraging, but I must say I went out of my way to utilize their particular talents.”

As he recently completed his externship at CBS-Viacom in Shelton, CT, Michael is focusing in on Network Administration as his career path of choice. He is already assessing some possible employment opportunities and is even contemplating a move to Califormia where his twin brother lives. It certainly appears that Michael’s life has been impacted by his experience at Branford Hall and it seems quite certain that he is on the path to a bright future in his new career. “My life has been truly blessed by Branford Hall’s commitment to my future. I will be grateful for their responsible consideration and regard for my well being.”

Best of luck to Michael. It’s been great getting to know such a great guy. Everyone at the Branford campus will miss having his around.Branford Hall




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