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Melissa Sjoberg

Twenty years after her last educational experience, Melissa Sjoberg enrolled in the Medical Assisting program at the Suburban Technical School of Hempstead, NY. She was working at a health club and found herself "feeling like I was on the path to nowhere." Melissa wanted to help people and feel good about her work. "The medical field gave me that opportunity." 

Melissa's chief concern with the program was with remembering medical terminologies. Melissa thanks her husband for providing her the encouragement she needed to persevere. Melissa graduated from the program and now works in a cardiologist's office. 

"I went back to school at age 37 and feel like my life has just begun." Melissa offers the following encouragement to other students, "If you're unhappy with what you're doing, go back to school where you’ll have an opportunity to find what will make you happy." Premier Education Group wishes Melissa continued successes in the future!Suburban Tech



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