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Meena Multani

Meena Multani's life changed dramatically when she enrolled in the Medical Assistant program at Suburban Technical School in Hempstead, NY. Meena’s focus during her twenties was raising her three children. When financial circumstances motivated Meena to enroll at the school, she had her first opportunity since high school to make a better future for herself and her family.

Meena chose Medical Assisting because, “I always wanted to do something like nursing. I spent many years caring for my grandmother who was bedridden and that experience showed me that I wanted to help other people like this."

Meena believes the best part about her education experience was her supportive teachers who motivated and believed in her. "They supported me and made this big career move possible."

Meena works for an OBGYN practice and trains other Suburban Technical students who are on externship at the same practice. She credits her success with the preparation she received at Suburban. "I know more about the medical field and I have a career now which helps me fulfill my personal goals. The school has helped me tremendously. Because it's career focused, I get to do the work that I like. To have an opportunity like this is wonderful! My dreams have come true!"Suburban Tech



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