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Marcel Garcia

During the Fall of 2004, Marcel Garcia came to the Salter School in Fall River, MA on the wings of a devastating personal loss; his mother had lost her battle to cancer earlier that summer. Before her passing, Marcel eased her pain with massages. She told Marcel massage was his special calling and that he should return to school for training. Marcel kept her words in his heart and they became his mission. 

Marcel entered the Massage Therapy evening program and excelled. He graduated with a 3.90 GPA. Marcel always worked ahead on assignments and prepared for projects long before they were due. He did all this while holding a full-time job in Boston.

Marcel was a favorite with the campus staff and students and he loved to participate in school activities. At the May breakfast held for the day students, School Director, Mary Lynch noticed Marcel mingling among the students. She asked him, "Are you always here? Aren't you a night student?!" His response, "Uh… I was lost and this building looked familiar so I came in." Program Director, Henry Przybylowicz says this kind of behavior is typical of Marcel. "He's always funny, upbeat, and positive." 

Marcel remembers early in his program that Henry had asked the students if they were considering private practice. Looking back, Marcel shares, "It never occurred to me I could do something like that. When Henry said, 'Why not?' I thought, "Ya, why not?'" 

By graduation, Marcel had already secured a massage space at a trendy salon on Providence's east-side and a short time later obtained his National Certification. He now maintains his massage therapy practice as an independent contractor and is glad he answered the question: "Why not?" with a brave, "Okay, sure!"The Salter School



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