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Lori DiAnni

After working as a CNA for 15 years, Lori DiAnni decided the profession was too physically demanding and enrolled in the Medical Assisting program at Seacoast Career Schools of Sanford, ME. 

Lori was nervous about enrolling since she'd been out of school for 30 years. She was working a second shift and wondered if the fatigue would affect her studies. With a daughter in college, the financial strain also concerned her. 

Looking back, Lori says, "It was all worth it!" She finds being a Medical Assistant uplifting. "I am more confident and sure of opportunities for advancement within my career. My family enjoys having me home every night, weekends and holidays. Enrolling was the best move I’ve ever made." 

After completing her externship with Cardiovascular Consultants, the company hired Lori full-time. Premier Education Group commends Lori for her hard work and is confident her future will prove successful!Seacoast Career Schools



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