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Lorena Shepard

Lorena Shepard’s life changed dramatically 3 years ago the night her home caught on fire. Tragically, she lost her beloved husband and two sons, ages four and six. Only she and her daughter, Maria, survived. Maria was unharmed; however Lorena was severely burned over 75% of her body. 

Lorena faced extremely hard times in the years ahead, recuperating from countless surgeries and grieving the loss of her family, all while trying to take care of her, now, only child.

When Lorena was able to work again, she couldn't go back to her old job, which consisted of long hours and heavy lifting. She decided to start a new career and enrolled into the Health Claims Specialist program at the Seacoast Career School in Sanford, ME.

Lorena was worried that her on-going healing process or chance of infection would interfere with her studies. "Some days were good, some were bad, but going back to school was something I had to do for Maria and myself", Lorena expresses.

Lorena had support from her teachers as well, especially Health Claims instructor, Cindy Richards. "Cindy always was there for me. She always had the answer to my questions."

Since graduating, Lorena now works at Littleton Regional Hospital as a Coder. "I enjoy my career so much. I can care for Maria and myself, and hopefully will have enough money saved to start building a new home in the spring!"

Lorena is still recovering from her injuries and has to wear dark glasses because her eyes are very sensitive to the light, but she has wonderful friends, family and co-workers who admire her triumph over the horrific tragedy she’s endured. Lorena is a true example of bravery and absolute dedication.

Seacoast Career School is proud to have had Lorena as a student. Her accomplishments and courage will continue to provide inspiration to others for years to come.Seacoast Career Schools



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