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Leah and Greg Scott

Leah and Greg Scott would not be where they are today if they didn't choose to enroll into the Massage Therapy Program at the Salter School in Fall River, MA.

Still dating at the time, Leah and Greg felt that their current jobs were at a dead end. "We really wanted to expand our goals and work for something that would benefit us in the long run," they explained. "We wanted to ensure a better future together.”

Leah was the first to go back to school. She loved to help people and had taken a few psychology courses in the past, but knew that wasn't her career path. She decided to choose a different avenue in helping others. Massage Therapy seemed to be the perfect choice. "This was something I always wanted to do even when I was younger, but never pursued it. I then found the Salter School and absolutely loved the program!"

Greg shared Leah's passion to help others, as he worked as a Cardiac EMT. His job caused Greg to have a great deal of sore muscles. Leah, while studying and reviewing massage therapy techniques, would practice outside of school on Greg hoping to relieve some of his pain. "She worked on my hamstrings and I felt so much relief!" Greg expressed. "It was amazing when I could feel firsthand the benefits of Massage Therapy!" 

Inspired, Greg decided to join his future wife and enrolled at the Salter School as well. 

Both had concerns about going back to school, especially Greg. "I was very nervous going into the Massage Therapy field being a male and not knowing if there would be as many options for me after graduation." The Career Services staff helped Greg and made him aware of the many different career options available with a Massage Therapy certificate for males or females.

Leah and Greg graduated at the top of their class, thanks to their hard work and dedication, and with the help of Salter School's staff. "We could always go to our instructors with any issue we were having and there was great one-on-one time."

Since graduation, the now Mr. and Mrs. Scott have started their own Massage Therapy business, 'The Great Escape Through Massage Therapy', located in Rumford, RI, focusing on Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Pain Relief Massage.

Clients throughout MA and RI love what their business has to offer, especially the In-Home Couples Massage followed by a prepared gourmet dinner by a personal chef. Leah explains, "You don't have to worry about a thing. You can just relax. It is a great stress reliever and bonding experience for the couple!"

As a result of going back to school and graduating from the Salter School's Massage Therapy program, the Scott's turned their passion of helping others into a career, started their own business and created a better future for themselves. Leah and Greg make great partners, not only in life but in business as well.The Salter School



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