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Laurie Weyerstrass

It is Monday June 2, 2003, and Laurie Weyerstrass has arrived at her destination. Today is Laurie’s first day in her new career as a Certified Professional Coder at CT. Surgical Group- an affiliate of Hartford Hospital. Laurie recently completed the Health Claims Specialist program at Branford Hall’s Windsor campus and she explains how her desire for a career change has now become a reality.

“After ten years as a Certified Nurse’s Aid, I knew it was time for a change. I knew that I wanted to do something different, but I also knew I wanted to stay in the health care field.” After researching possible career options, Laurie quickly learned that the health claims field, especially medical billing and coding, offered exceptionally strong employment opportunities and projections were for continued growth.

Laurie chose the Health Claims Specialist evening program at Branford Hall’s Windsor campus. “Branford Hall offered the kind of training I was looking for and the classes fit into my schedule.”

Laurie was a bit nervous about returning to school. “I had been out of school for several years and I was working over 48 hours a week at my job. The thought of attending school three nights per week made me a little nervous.”

Laurie quickly made the transition to the life of a part-time student and soon became an outstanding student, despite having to overcome obstacles along the way. “I had moments of self-doubt and came close to quitting because of some personal struggles that I had to deal with. It would have been easy to quit, but I persevered and stayed on track.”

Laurie not only completed her program on schedule, but did so while getting almost all A’s (only one B).

One of Laurie’s proudest accomplishments was passing the CPC (Certified Professional Coder) certification examination. Laurie worked hard at preparing for this examination, because she knew it would create a high level of interest among employers. “I received my certification exam results on a Saturday, sent out resumes on Sunday, had interviews that week and had a great job offer by Friday. The certification really opened a lot of doors.”

At her new position at CT Surgical Group, Laurie will be applying coding to diagnoses and procedures in the areas of urology and general surgery. As part of her program at Branford Hall. Laurie served her externship with ECHN at Manchester Hospital where she did coding for 29 doctors. The externship provided valuable experience before graduating. Laurie laughs as she explained, “the externship taught me how to read doctors’ writing.”

Our hats off and congratulations to Laurie for an accomplishment she should be very proud of.Branford Hall



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