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Krystal Brace

Krystal Brace enrolled at the Branford Hall Career Institute of Springfield, MA when her mother’s unexpected death motivated her to seek a career that would show her younger brother and sister that "there is light at the end of a dark tunnel." 

Krystal chose the Health Claims Specialist program because, in her words, "I have a weak stomach and prefer to handle paperwork instead of practicing clinical procedures." 

At first the work-load seemed overwhelming, but after the first week was over, Krystal grew so use to the pace that by the time she was 10 weeks away from her externship she was surprised the months went so quickly.

Krystal's outlook on the experience is positive. "I don't just have a job. I have a career." Krystal now works as a Billing-Supervisor with Northern Pain Management in Springfield, MA. Premier Education Group congratulates her on her success and wishes Krystal and her family brighter days ahead!Branford Hall



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