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Kim Rackliff

medical assistant program graduate                Kim Rackliff decided to go back to school because she was tired of one job after the other. “I would take a seasonal job just to get by or I would get a temporary job and get laid off after a few months. It was discouraging and I wanted a career, not a job. I wanted an education.”

                She was referred to the Seacoast Career School in Sanford, ME by her cousin who graduated from the Medical Assistant program. Unsure what program she was interested in, Kim contacted the campus. "I took a tour of the school and met a student who was giving a hot stone massage. We were in a dimly lit room with relaxing music. The student seemed very confident and at peace. I wanted that peacefulness in my life and in my career, so I chose to enroll into Seacoast's Massage Therapy program."
                Kim was shy being back in the school setting, but once she aced her first test, she gained self assurance and excelled through the remainder of the program. "I started to make friends and began participating during class. I also joined the student council," she expressed.
                Kim is now a licensed massage therapist and since graduation, has started her own massage clinic called Wildflowers Massage which is located in the Curves and Totally Tan building in Sanford. "Right now I am running my own business and I set my own hours, but I also have the opportunity to apply for any massage position in Maine!" she stated.
                Kim added, "My experience at Seacoast was a great one. I had a lot of fun and made friends that I will have for life."

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