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Ken Pabst

professional fitness trainer graduateAt the age of 17, Ken Pabst was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, a rare disease in which malignant cancer cells form in the upper part of the throat and behind the nose.

“I was entering my senior year of high school when I found out the news. I had to stay back a year because of the toll my body took from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. On Christmas Day in 2004, I found out I was cancer free. I’m now 23 and going on seven years clean of cancer!”
            Prior to his diagnosis, Ken had a healthy and fit lifestyle. “I was really into fitness before I was diagnosed and being healthy to begin with gave me an advantage to beating my illness. I wanted to inspire others to get and stay healthy,” he said.
            Ken decided to enroll in Branford Hall Career Institute’s Professional Fitness Trainer program in Southington, CT. “Branford Hall allowed me to focus only on the classes that were beneficial in the career of becoming a fitness trainer. All the teachers were great and were helpful in any way needed,” Ken expressed.
            After graduation, Ken found employment as a performance coach at Parisi Speed School, a recognized premiere athletic performance enhancement organization for youth athletics. Ken explains, “I work with athletes ranging in ages seven to college levels. These athletes are looking to get faster, stronger and build self confidence for their sports and lives. I teach them specific running techniques and introduce them to weight lifting that creates results while avoiding injury.”
            Ken not only uses the skills he obtained from Branford Hall in his professional career, but in his own life as well. He stated, “The Professional Fitness Trainer program taught me a lot about nutrition. I apply that knowledge to myself everyday, making sure I eat right and stay healthy.”

            Branford Hall Career Institute is proud to have had Ken as a student. His accomplishments and courage will continue to be an inspiration to others for years to come.

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