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Kelly Pingelski

Kelly Pingelski decided to enroll in the Medical Billing & Coding program at Branford Hall Career Institute in Albany, NY because she wanted to make a better future for herself, but most importantly, for her child. "I looked into many schools but I decided to enroll at Branford Hall because I would finish the program and graduate in less than a year. Life with my daughter would not be altered for too long," Kelly explained.

Since Kelly had poor study habits in high school, she was concerned she would not be a very good student at Branford Hall. But with the help of the school staff and new friends, she excelled. "The teachers helped me and understood that most of us were there to make our lives better. Any time I had a concern, they were there for me one hundred percent, especially Instructor Joy Martin. I also made some great life long friendships. I felt like everyday I went to school, I was with my extended family," Kelly said.

Kelly now has a career as a Senior Accounts Representative at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital. Kelly described, "This career is a very good fit for me. I always wanted to work in a professional office environment. I bill three insurance companies and manage their accounts."

"I didn't just learn about medical billing at Branford Hall. I learned about myself. I accomplished things I never thought possible and I have more confidence in the decisions I make."Branford Hall



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