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Karen Buckley

Forced into unemployment during a serious illness, Karen Buckley took stock of her situation. "I had been in dead end jobs before working as a clerk in a bookstore as well as serving food in a bagel store. These jobs didn't pay well, they had no benefits, and there was no opportunity for advancement." Karen decided to take advantage of her unemployment and went back to school full time. 

She chose the Medical Assisting program at the Branford Hall Career Institute of Bohemia, NY. "I had always been interested in the Medical field and I knew I enjoyed working with people. Also, the fact that the program was only 8 ½ months was attractive."

Although it had been 19 years since she was last in school, Karen found her concerns about going back to school alleviated after she became familiar with her teachers and their methods. "We were always prepared for tests by having reviews and knowing exactly what notes should be studied." 

Karen thrived in her studies and at her graduation ceremony she was awarded the Spirit of Achievement award, which honors a student who has earned a minimum GPA of 90% and has maintained an attendance record of at least 98%. The award also recognizes the spirit of a student who exhibits a great attitude and leadership qualities among her peers. 

Karen now has a quality job working for ENT surgeons and finds that on a daily basis she uses all of the skills she learned while at Branford Hall. Karen's quality of life and range of choices have improved since completing her training. "I have more than doubled my previous income, which has allowed me to move from a small 1 bedroom apartment to a beautiful new 3 bedroom home, and I was recently offered another position. These things come with a tremendous sense of satisfaction. I have opened up a whole new world for myself with loads of possibility; life has only begun to get better." With Karen’s track record, greater successes are bound to come her way.Branford Hall



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