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Justin Craven

medical billing and coding graduate“I was 24 years old, working at a doughnut shop and not happy where I was in life,” Justin Craven explained. “I wanted more and the only way you can get that nowadays is with an education.”

            “I always wanted to work in the healthcare field, but I did not like the sight of blood or needles. I thought the Health Claims Specialist program was perfect for someone like me so I decided to enroll at the Salter School in Malden, MA.
            “It was six years since I was in a school setting and the thought of going back scared me. After my first week, however, I met some amazing people and I had a great school experience. The faculty and the student body were great. I found out that if there is something you really want, and you put your mind to it, you will succeed,” Justin said.
            After graduation, Justin was hired as the Managed Care Coordinator at Visiting Nurse and Community Health, an agency in Arlington, MA that provides a wide range of skilled care to their clients in the comfort of their own homes. Justin stated, “I maintain our patients' accounts and I obtain authorizations from insurance companies so patients can receive in-home care from our clinicians.”
            Justin’s life has benefited from his decision to go to the Salter School. “I used to serve coffee and now I have a great new job and skills that can take me places. With this education, I can work in any hospital or doctor's office. I no longer have to worry about having enough money to pay bills and I can pretty much live my life stress free. I can actually do things, like go on vacation."

                Justin added, “If you are thinking about going back to school, do not hesitate because it will be worth all of your hard work to make a bright future for yourself.”



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