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Jesus Noguera

It’s a long way from Medellin, Columbia to the Information Systems Department of the Connecticut State Lottery. And today, Jesus Noguera hopes his story will serve to inspire others to find the same success he did.

Jesus came to the United States in 1984 from Coumbia. He settled in Connecticut and found employment cleaning office buildings at night. After a short time, Jesus was hired by Hublein Corp. in Hartford.

“I worked for Hublein for 15 years. I started out as a janitor, then worked on the production line, became a machine operator and then worked in the facility’s maintenance department.”

In 1995, Hublein closed their Hartford facility and life changed for Jesus, his wife, and three daughters. “The company offered me a job in their Michigan facility as a forklift driver. I accepted the job and moved my family to Michigan.” After spending five years in Michigan, Hublein closed down that facility also.

Jesus explains, “They offered me a job in their California plant. I did not want to move my family again, especially so far to California. We decided to move back to Connecticut where we had some roots.”

It was upon arriving back in Connecticut that Jesus decided to change direction. “I wanted something more for myself and I knew that some kind of training and education would be necessary.”

Jesus was good at researching his options. “I knew that computers would be an area of growth for a long time to come, so I started researching computer training in the area. After visiting three schools, I decided on Branford Hall. They were the school that I was most impressed with.”

Having been out of school for quite some time, Jesus was a bit nervous when he started in the Computer Networking program. “Technology seemed a little scary because it felt like it was so beyond me. However, it didn’t take long before I was becoming familiar with computer technology.”

“It wasn’t easy. I was always asking for help and I got a lot of support. I also had a lot of fun at Branford Hall.” Today, Jesus’ title at the Connecticut Lottery is User Support Specialist. Congratulations to Jesus and his family. His success is well deserved.Branford Hall



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