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Jeannette Tino

In looking for the perfect school to learn a new career, Jeannette Tino found that joining an accredited school was key. Other factors like location and program length figured into her decision but the fact that she could graduate as a Licensed Massage Therapist was most important.

Jeannette told us a little more about the training she received at Salter School's Tewksbury campus. "I received very thorough training which has allowed me to obtain employment right out of school. The instructors were very giving of their time and talents and very supportive of the students. As a result of the instructors I had, I'm very comfortable in my skills and feel very prepared to begin work as a Licensed Massage Therapist."

Staying committed to her goal of being a Licensed Massage Therapist paid off for Jeannette. "I came from the software field where job prospects were very difficult to find and the competition for those jobs was fierce. I applied for well over 40 jobs and looked for several months without success. After completing my career training at Salter, I went on 3 interviews and was offered 3 jobs."

"I enjoy working with people and making a difference in their health. I highly recommend the instructors at the Salter school in Tewksbury!"The Salter School



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