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Jason Symmes

computer networking managementJason Symmes was unhappy working as a cable television technician. “My dead end job was consuming my life. I was working 60 long hours a week and it was back breaking. I had to climb up telephone poles, drill, install telephone lines, etc… It wasn’t worth it,” he expressed.

            In order to make a change in his life and find a career, not just a job, he decided to go back to school. Jason was referred to Branford Hall Career Institute in Windsor, CT by his sister, a former student and now successful graduate, and he enrolled in the campus’ computer program. 
            “I’ve always had an interest in computers and almost every business or company needs computer support. Having knowledge in computers and information technology opens up new doors and expands your career choices. Computers are the present and the future,” Jason stated.
            Jason did well in school and especially enjoyed his Networking class. After graduating, he found quality employment as a Network Administrator/IT Support Tech at Community Partners in Action, located in Hartford, CT. He explained, “One other employee and I run the company’s entire network! I’m responsible for maintaining a network spread across all six different locations in Connecticut and fixing any problems our 200 plus end-users encounter, such as not being able to print, hardware failures and virus and malware attacks.”

            When asked if his life has improved because of his experience at Branford Hall, Jason said, “I have a career now. That speaks for itself.” He added, “I wouldn’t have the career I have if it wasn’t for Branford Hall.”

computer networking management



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