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Ivorie Blake

Ivorie Blake was sure she wanted to work in the legal profession. Attending Branford Hall proved to be the right step for her. "I joined the paralegal program because I want to be an attorney and I figured that this would be a great way to start out in the legal field." Ivorie said she is proud of herself and is happy to be working in the legal field.

She told us that her experience at Branford Hall’s Windsor campus has made her more marketable in her field. Ivorie was hired directly through her Branford Hall externship with the Hartford law firm Cohen, Auger, Burns & Hard.

"I love my job! I do Bankruptcy filings, prepare motions for court in foreclosures cases, prepare legal documents for personal injury cases, and a lot more. I love the fact that I work with attorneys because I want to be one. I love that being where I am now, when I do become an attorney I will have a whole lot of experience, and I will have enough experience to get me through law school. I mostly enjoy my job because it makes me proud. I am proud that I took that step of applying to Branford Hall and it got me where I am today."

Ivorie has some advice to share as well. "Go for it! I would tell a high school senior to go here straight out of high school. If you are considering a career in whatever field, try a career school first. I especially think that this is a great start for someone wanting to get into law.Branford Hall



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