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Ileana Bobadilla

medical assistant program graduate                Ileana Bobadilla didn't dislike working as an Assistant Manager/ Receiving Manager at Bed Bath & Beyond. However, it was not her dream job. "One day I made a life-changing decision to walk away from a job I felt secure in to pursue my dream career in the healthcare field," Ileana said. "I knew I wanted something better for myself and family. Most importantly, I wanted to be a role model for my children in the sense that you can always accomplish your goals once you truly focus."

                Suburban Technical School in Hempstead, NY was Ileana's school of choice and she enrolled in the Medical Assistant program. "I felt proud that I took the steps to enroll, but at first I was very nervous and unsure how I would perform coming from a retail background. I had no real exposure to anything associated with medicine. I also had been out of school for several years," Ileana expressed. "But after a couple of weeks, all of my concerns disappeared. The instructors made me feel comfortable and really inspired me to focus on my career. The faculty taught me to never give up or let anything get in the way of my dreams. I felt so accomplished at the end of my program."
                After graduating, Ileana was hired as a Medical Assistant at Park Avenue Women's Center, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist office in New York City! "I am able to take what I learned at school and apply it to my medical career," she states. "I love my job and I get satisfaction from what I now do for a living. My quality of life has improved drastically."
                 Ileana plans on furthering her education in the medical field to become a registered nurse! "It's just the beginning for me," Ileana said. "Suburban Tech opened my door to possibility and success."



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