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Helen Robbins

After working in the insurance industry for twenty years, Helen Robbins came to the Seacoast Career Schools of Manchester, NH to receive her training in the Health Claims Specialist program. Helen eventually planned to start her own business within the health claims field and remembers she made the decision with a firm resolve, "I was ready for a change and I wanted a new direction to go into." 

Having been away from school for many years, Helen soon realized she was going to have to work diligently to succeed, "Despite all my experience in the insurance industry, I couldn't just 'skate by.' I did all the reading assignments and homework, paid attention in class and studied for tests." As a result of Helen's hard work and the support she received from the Seacoast staff, she passed the National Certification exam on her first try. "My education became my priority because it was the key to my success!" 

Sharon Kinney, School Director of the Manchester school comments, "Helen's success at Seacoast serves as an inspiration for those returning to education after a long absence. I'm confident she will enjoy many more successes as she establishes herself in the Health Claims field."

Looking back on the experience as a whole, Helen shares, "My time at Seacoast opened my eyes. I didn't think I was smart enough to finish the program but I did. I learned that if you work hard and push yourself you can reach your goals."Seacoast Career Schools



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