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Frank Garcia

Frank Garcia, a graduate of the Computer Networking program in Southington, is currently employed at Omega Communications in Southington as an A+ technician.

Frank was hired directly from his externship and hasn’t looked back to the days of his employment at Stop & Shop since. Frank was working in loss control for about a year when he knew he needed something more from life. “The big motivator at that time was money,” Frank recalls with a smile. So with higher aspirations in his mind, he set his energy to seek out a school that would take his interest in electronics to the next level.

“It would be great if I (could have found) a way to take the interest in electronics and turn(ed) it into a way to make money,” Frank recalls. Although Branford Hall Career Institute wasn’t the first school he contacted, he decided that he would go there, “because they listened to what I wanted and were also able to get me started sooner than anyone else.”

The program was a good springboard for Frank to further his goals. Once out in the field, he was able to apply his knowledge, dedication and ability. That’s when Omega recognized his skills and hired him.

Frank says that his education paid off. “It has rewarded (me) with an increase in salary of approximately 45% over what I was making at Stop & Shop!” Along the way he realized that although money was the initial motivator, he gained other benefits, discipline being among them. Through working hard and keeping his eye on his future career, Frank has rewarded himself with, “a career that allow(s) me to keep the door open and go further depending on my own motivation.”Branford Hall



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