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Erin Binetsky

legal office technology schoolHaving worked in the retail industry as an Assistant Buyer, Erin Binetsky enrolled in the Legal Office Technology program at the Harris School of Business of Cherry Hill, NJ in April 2003 when her company’s financial circumstances forced a large downsizing, thereby leaving Erin unemployed. 

Given the sudden change in career circumstances, Erin recalls, "I took the opportunity to pursue law since I had always found it intriguing." 

Erin chose the Harris School of Business because of its fine reputation and the program’s externship. "Even though I had office experience, I had never worked in a legal environment. The externship was very helpful and gave me an edge over the other legal secretaries who had not had the same opportunity." 

Erin's greatest concerns with the program were whether she would be able to handle the stress of a legal environment and its procedures. Erin recalls that after enrolling in courses and participating in the externship, she felt differently. "They helped set my mind at ease and gave me confidence about my ability to handle the legal field."

Erin now works for a plaintiff's personal injury law firm. She is happy with the work and intends to pursue more education in the legal realm. 

Overall, Erin believes that the experience at the Harris School has provided her with more confidence in herself. "The Harris School of Business has changed my life in the best way. Before Harris I had a job and made a very good salary, but I was not enthusiastic about my job or going to work every day. Now I have a love for my job, the place I work, and what I am doing. I was very nervous about making a change and starting over but I now have a fabulous life both personally and professionally."Harris School of Business



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