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Denise Jolin

After 15 years of working for a manufacturing company, Denise Jolin found herself in a situation that a growing number of Americans are facing - her company downsized and closed the division she worked in.

Denise was considering possible career options when a friend mentioned the medical assisting program at the Salter School in Worcester.

“I scheduled an interview with the admissions department and decided that I would really enjoy working in a health care setting as a medical assistant.”

“I enjoyed my experience at the Salter School. It was a lot of work but was well worth the effort.”

Denise spent her externship at Chadwick Medical Associates in Worcester, a fairly large practice with nine physicians. They were so impressed with her strong clinical skills and her professionalism, that they offered her a permanent position. “They utilized me for both administrative and clinical duties because I was skilled in both.”

After a few months, a group of physicians at the facility branched out into their own private practice and guess who they hired as a medical assistant? Denise is thrilled and flattered that they chose her. “I really enjoy working with these doctors and I’m excited about being part of a brand new practice.”

Congratulations to Denise for all her accomplishments.The Salter School



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