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Deb Canejo

A recent graduate of the Seacoast Career Schools of Manchester, NH, Deb Canejo is a woman who believes dreams come true - no matter how long they may take to achieve. Deb came to the school in January, 2004, to study Massage Therapy with the program's first class of students. 

Deb's interest in Massage Therapy began nearly 20 years ago. "When my daughter was born, I used to massage her every night since she was a colic baby," Deb remembers. Doctors advised Deb to massage her daughter's body with soothing lotion to calm her. Looking back on this time with her daughter, Deb recalls, "I knew that I would some day go back to school and follow this dream of mine to help others relax."

Deb describes herself as a compassionate person who loves to help others. A cancer survivor of eleven operations, chemotherapy, and radiation over the last fourteen years, she says she's someone who's "been through the ringer," and understands the need for alternative healing methods like massage. Deb believes, "human touch is a wonderful gift to give that doesn't cost a thing and only takes a few minutes of your time."

Deb had the opportunity to achieve her life's dream when the Seacoast Career Schools of Manchester opened its new Massage Therapy program at the beginning of this past year. Although nervous at first, Deb remembers, "Once I jumped into the program, I was so happy I finally started!" 

Deb graduated from the program this December with a 3.89 GPA and has already opened her own practice, Elite Body Therapies. In the end, she recalls, "I have had a great experience with Seacoast Career Schools and I am so happy I followed my heart and finally did something I have always wanted to do."Seacoast Career Schools



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