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Deana Stuckey

Deana Stuckey remembers very clearly the day that she decided to make a better life for herself and her daughter.

“I was working nights and weekends at McDonald’s as a shift supervisor. I was going through a very difficult stretch. At one point my new baby daughter and I had no place to live and were staying with a friend. I had no money and my family lived 2,000 miles away. I decided right then that I had to make a better life for myself and my daughter. I knew that I could no longer rely on anyone else to improve my situation and that it had to be me that was going to do something about it. That realization was a real breakthrough for me.”

Deanna did not know exactly how she would do it, but she was determined to take control of her future. “I was looking for jobs in the help-wanted section of the newspaper and I saw the Branford Hall ad. I always wanted to be in the medical field but I knew I would need some training. I made an appointment to meet with Randy in the Admissions department. He explained everything and helped me through the process of getting started.”

Once again, Deanna’s determination paid off as she successfully completed the medical assisting program in spite of some obstacles along the way. “I ran into some personal issues that almost caused me to give up but I got tremendous support from some very special staff members who really cared about me and kept me on track.. I am especially grateful to Dora Moran, one of my instructors, Jodi Morin from Career Services, and Gerry Brasin, Director of Education.”

Upon completing my program, I was offered a position at the site where I served my externship, OBGYN of Manchester. I accepted this position because it allowed me to perform a wide range of tasks which I enjoy very much.”

Deanna reflects on her Branford Hall experience. “The experience has given me more confidence and I am very proud of my profession. I also learned that there are caring people out there who are willing to help those who want to help themselves.”

Congratulations to Deanna. Things are definitely brighter for her and for her daughter, Allison.Branford Hall



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