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Danielle Wasylyk

dental assistant programAfter realizing English Education was no longer her career path, Danielle Wasylyk decided to enroll in Harris School of Business’s Dental Assistant program in Wilmington, DE. 

            “I am such a teeth person. It is the first thing I notice in people,” Danielle expressed.
            She also thought she could help those who fear going to the dentist. “My personality has a way to assure and sooth people. People are usually scared of the dentist. I thought, why not combine my personal strengths and interest in the field and become a Dental Assistant.”
             Danielle did very well in her classes and contributed her great experience to her teachers. “My teachers made sure I was 110% ready for anything a doctor would expect from me. I knew if I had any problem, I could go to them for help. Harris School offered so much hands-on training, plus the cost of the program was affordable,” she said.
            Since becoming a Harris School of Business graduate, Danielle interviewed at Premier Dental, a family and cosmetic dentistry in West Grove, PA and impressed the doctor with her skills. She was hired as a Dental Assistant and now works alongside doctors while they fill cavities, apply veneers, set dentures, extract teeth and perform same day crowns and dental implants.
            She shared, “I also do patient consults and post op checks on my own.”

            Danielle is very happy with her career. She added, “I found something I love to do and I am making the money that I deserve at such a young age. I finally have a career that I can be happy doing everyday and know I am doing it well."



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