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Christine Rohde

medical billing and coding program graduateChristine Rohde was at a crossroads. She was aspiring to become a sign language teacher, but the closest school she found was located over five hours away. “I wasn’t ready to move away from home and because of my family’s finances, I decided not to pursue that career path,” she said.

            One day, still contemplating what to do, she received an information piece in the mail from Branford Hall Career Institute located near her home in Bohemia, NY. “The Medical Billing and Coding program sounded interesting and it was something I could see myself doing. I met with an Admissions Representative to learn more and enrolled that day,” Christine shared.

            Christine excelled through the program and was Valedictorian of her graduating class! She expressed, “My instructors gave me confidence and recognized the potential I had in the medical field. They always encouraged me to work harder.”

            The program allowed Christine to have more career options, such as working at a specialist's office or insurance company. She accepted a position at Financial Medical Systems, a full service medical billing company in Hauppauge, NY. “I help patients understand their medical bills and I also deal with insurance companies to help them pay claims,” she explained. “I am more financially stable and my life has become less stressful.”
       Christine added, “I can’t imagine doing anything else in my life now that I am a Medical Biller. Branford Hall was most certainly a great career move for me. I strongly recommend anyone who is unsure of what they want to do with their career to look into Medical Billing and Coding.”

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