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Christine Gauvin

health claims specialist graduate, medical billing and coding“I was the victim of a car accident resulting in two broken wrists," Christine Gauvin explained. "The recovery/rehabilitation period gave me the opportunity to figure out that I needed to choose a different path at this time my life."

                Christine became interested in the administrative aspect of the healthcare field while dealing with a negative experience taking care of her medical bills due to her injuries. "No one treated me correctly or had compassion. I was determined to make a difference in someone else's experience with medical issues, so I looked into a career as a Health Claims Specialist," Christine explained.
                Christine decided to enroll in the Health Claims Specialist program at The Salter School in Fall River, MA. She stated, "I needed a fast-paced program with career-focused training. I also knew I did not want to take an online course. The Salter School met my criteria."
                The campus' Student Ambassador Program helped Christine out when she first enrolled. Assistant Director of Admissions Cheryl Moniz explained, "The program is designed to alleviate any concerns new students have after deciding to return to school. We select students who are further along in the program and who are doing exceptionally well to share their experiences and offer encouragement to the new students."
                Christine, in turn, was selected to be a student ambassador toward the end of her program. "I was honored by the opportunity to pass on hope and offer support to other students," she said. 
                She graduated with a 4.0 and passed the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) Professional Coders Exam! She was hired by the Overlook Visiting Nurse Association which is also where she completed her externship program. "I enjoy going to work each and every day and I am excited about my future. I now have a career that is unlimited in potential and transferable to anywhere I choose to live. My days of being seriously underpaid for the work ethic I have are over," Christine expressed. "I would like to tell the person reading, that no matter how long it has been since you conjugated a verb, you can do it!"

health claims specialist program graduate



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