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Christian Delgado

Salter College program graduate

“My previous jobs at warehouses and machine shops required a lot of lifting. Everyday after work, I would have backaches and my joints would hurt all day. I was not enjoying my work. It was all physical labor and I was very unhappy,” Christian Delgado explained.
            Christian’s wife encouraged him to take the first step towards a new career and go back to school. He chose the Accounting program because of his grandfather. Christian said, “I admired my grandfather who was an accountant. He was my biggest inspiration and the reason why I chose Accounting as my career path.”
            Christian enrolled in the Accounting program at the Salter School, now Salter College in West Boylston, MA. After the completion of his program, he was hired at Imperial Distributors, Inc. in Worcester as an Accounts Payable Auditor. “I love going to work in an office environment. I know that I will be using and challenging my mind - not my body for physical or exhausting labor,” he expressed.
            The accounting skills that Christian obtained at Salter apply tremendously to his career today. "Salter taught me how and where to apply debits and credits which is such an important skill to know. My job depends on it. Other key parts of my job which I learned at school are keyboarding, Microsoft Excel, and knowing how to use asset, liability, and shareholder equity accounts."
            Christian added, “Salter College has changed my life!”       


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