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Cheryl Peck

Cheryl Peck is a recent Medical Assisting graduate of the Harris School in Cherry Hill. As a mom heading back into the workforce, she had some choices to make. "I chose the medical field because of the job growth potential. When I enrolled with Harris School, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported a 59% growth for the Medical Assistant field."

Cheryl's balancing of school and family was hard work, but once she got organized, school came easy to her. She maintained a positive outlook and stayed on top of her work to maintain that balance.

Her attitude was then rewarded. "I was able to get an externship at my number one choice, Cooper Health Systems. My externship was in one of their internal medicine offices and it led to a job offer the week after I graduated."

"I can honestly say that a lot of what I do on a daily basis was covered in my classes at Harris."

"I have benefited tremendously from the education I received from Harris School of Business. My nine months at Harris not only helped me attain a great job, but made a better future for my family."Harris School of Business



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