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Carlos Valencia

Carlos Valencia worked as a maintenance mechanic before his place of employment relocated out of state and he was laid off. When searching for a new job in the same field, many employers desired someone with formal training. Carlos explained, "I applied to many companies, but I had no proof that I had the experience to do the job. All of them preferred someone with certification, so I decided to look for a school that would make me marketable and perfect the skills that I already had."
Carlos chose to enroll in the HVAC/R program at Branford Hall Career Institute's Technical Training Center in Bohemia, NY. At first, Carlos was nervous about going back to school. "I think it's normal to have concerns. Especially in my case because English is my second language, but the faculty and staff helped me out with any problems I had and made me feel good about myself. All the support from my instructors and friends made me feel comfortable," Carlos said.
After graduating from the program, Carlos no longer found himself to be unqualified and accepted a position as a Home Repair Technician at Sears. "When I applied, I got 100% on the electrical and mechanical test they gave me! They called me the next day with an offer that I couldn't refuse. This is the job I always wanted. I enjoy being able to troubleshoot our customers’ equipment," Carlos states. 
"I am no longer worried about my future or losing my job because the knowledge that I received from Branford Hall can be applied to many jobs in the technical field," Carlos said. "I know I have gained the self confidence to succeed at whatever career I have. With an education, your life choices increase and you can be a little bit picky about what kind of job is better for you and your family. I may even explore the possibility of starting my own business!"
Carlos shared, "Take your experience at school seriously; it's your opportunity to become somebody."



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