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Carl Allen

Carl Allen recently graduated from the Computer Networking & Administration program at Branford Hall’s Springfield campus. When he arrived to start his externship at the Information Services Department of Noble Hospital in Westfield, he stepped right into a crisis situation.

“The Blaster virus had just infected over 300 computers at the hospital. I was very involved in the scanning, patching, and recovery from the virus attack. It was pretty intense, but turned out to be a great experience.”

Carl must have impressed them because they hired him as a full time Network Technician, which is what he was hoping for. “I love the job. I have a wide range of responsibilities and I’m never bored.”

Carl reflected on his experience at Branford Hall. “The best thing about Branford Hall is the teaching staff. They really challenged me and supported me at the same time. I was contantly asking for help and the staff was always there for me.”

Now Carl is looking ahead to a bright future in his new career

“Right now I have the exact job that I want but I plan on adding certifications so I can progress further in my field.”Branford Hall



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