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Ashley McCarty

medical billing and coding program graduateIn order to find a career sooner rather than later, Ashley McCarty chose to enroll at Seacoast Career Schools in Sanford, ME where career focused programs are offered and one can enter their chosen field in less than a year! Ashley said, “I knew a few people who graduated from Seacoast and they were hired by their externship site right after they graduated.”

            Ashley wanted to work in an office/non-clinical setting. After she toured the campus and learned about the different programs Seacoast offered, she decided Health Claims Specialist was the right program for her. 
            “I really enjoyed the steady pace at which the material was taught. We all helped one another. The staff always clarified what we were learning and made sure no one was left behind in the dark,” Ashley stated.
            When Ashley finished her program, she was hired at Pediatric Associates of York Hospital in York, ME. She works with insurance companies to help patients get their claims covered and knows the proper procedural coding to be used. “Graduating from the Health Claims program expanded my career choices,” Ashley said. “I can work for a hospital, insurance company or doctor’s office. There are many aspects to medical billing and coding and it’s a wonderful thing to be able to know where each side is coming from.”
            She added, “Since I started my career, I have bought a car, gone on an actual vacation which I have never done before and last, but certainly not least, spent more time with my family! I would just like to say thank you to everyone at Seacoast Career Schools. I’m very grateful for the world you have opened up for me. I’ve always been a motivated individual and you helped me put it all to good use. I’ve never been happier than I am today."

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