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Andrea Goodrich

medical billing and coding schools“I was working various dead end jobs that gave me few opportunities to move up or earn more pay,” Andrea Goodrich said. “When I got laid off working as a temp, I went online and started researching different and more stable careers. I came across medical billing & coding and thought that no matter what the economy is going through, the medical field will always be in need.”

            Andrea enrolled in the Health Claims Specialist program at Seacoast Career School in Manchester, NH. “Just knowing I was working toward my career and being surrounded by people with the same goals made returning to school more comfortable. The school itself was very inviting and the staff members were all supportive and encouraging,” Andrea expressed.
            After the completion of Andrea’s nine month program, she was hired by her externship site, Silverman & Associates, a mental health practice consisting of psychologists, child psychologists, family therapists, group therapists, social workers and spiritual and holistic healing therapists.
             Andrea said, “When I started, the company did not have a billing department. They sent out their insurance claims to a billing agency. I had to build the billing department from the ground up. I am now running the whole company’s billing department for five doctors! 
            Andrea feels secure and does not fear getting laid off. “There will always be a need for a medical biller. If there were not medical billers, healthcare professionals would not get paid for their services. It feels nice now knowing that I will always have the opportunity to have a career even if the job market is unstable.”  
            She said, "I could not be happier with choosing Seacoast Career School to further my future. With my education and my experience, I may even decide to work for myself one day and start my own medical billing office at home!”



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