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Alycia Lamb

Alycia Lamb always enjoyed cooking and baking so she chose to enroll in the Culinary Arts program at Branford Hall's Technical Training Center in Springfield, MA to turn her passion into a career.   "I knew going to school would expand my career choices and help get my foot in the door for a great job in the culinary field," she said.

                 Since graduating over a year ago, Alycia has been employed at the Springfield Marriott as a line cook and also is involved with banquet events that are planned. "Before school, I would have never been able to get this job at the Marriott.   I didn't have the education or experience and now I do," she stated.
                Alycia said that having her ServSafe Certification, which she obtained at Branford Hall, qualified her for the position at the Marriott. The ServSafe Training and Certification program provides individuals with the ability, knowledge, and skills necessary to lead the way in setting high food safety standards. Alycia was taught about food safety risks, from sanitation to food-borne pathogens, and learned ways to reduce them to keep her place of employment, customers and other co-workers safe.

Branford Hall was the best place for Alycia to begin her culinary career. She explained, "I knew I didn't want the pressure of a university and I needed a school that would allow me to get an education while juggling the other demands of the world. My life was pushed in the right direction and this experience really opened up my eyes to what I could do, but was never confident to do until Branford Hall."




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